Broccoli Pasta

You will need…

Enough pasta for 2 people

4 cloves of garlic



3 cups of broccoli

Olive oil

Parmesan cheese

1 tbsp of butter


Bring water to a boil and add pasta accordingly.

In a skillet, melt butter.

Chop garlic and add to skillet, lower heat to medium low. Add around a tbsp of olive oil, add more if needed. Stir occasionally.

About 5 minutes before the pasta is fully cooked, add broccoli to the pasta to cook with it. This will also add a slight broccoli taste to the pasta.

Drain the pasta, and set some of the pasta water aside to use later.

Stir the butter mixture into the pot with broccoli and pasta. Add the Parmesan cheese to your liking to make a cheese sauce. And add the pasta water as needed so it’s not too sticky.

Eat and enjoy!


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