How to Take Care of Bamboo Cutting Board

I got my boyfriend a bamboo cutting board last year for his birthday (August). I just wanted to write a short blog on how to properly take care of these types of cutting boards, or at least how we take care of it! Its pretty simple.

For the first month after purchasing, wash immediately after with warm water and a non-harsh soap. To be honest, Dawn works fine. To be on the safe side, I washed it with hand soap for awhile.

After washing, rub down with mineral oil. Every time. If you were like me, and never heard much of mineral oil, I found it in the stomach pain section of wallie world. It also helps with stomach pain by acting as a laxative. Yum.

After the first month, rub with oil about twice a month to help prevent dryness or splitting.

Always hand wash!

Wa-la! Easy peesy 🙂


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