Serrano Peppers

Today we was walking around the store, gathering stuff to make dinner (chicken tacos, yum) and I was looking at the peppers.

We were planning to get jalapeno peppers for the tacos, really I was planning to get them; someone’s a wuss. Anyway, I noticed all the other peppers I’d never tried. I’ve heard that habanero peppers have a dirt taste, so I steered clear of those and went for the Serrano peppers!

Alex, like I said, doesn’t like spicy as much as I do. I guess it’s the Mexican talking 😉 Anyway, he didn’t go near them and complained the tacos were too spicy with one and a half jalapenos in it. Baby! I tried them…and man are they HOT! Haha! They were probably triple the hotness of jalapenos. They had a really earthy taste, which I wasn’t into. It was like the earthy flavor of cilantro. And I hate cilantro. I did like the heat of them. I’d recommend them if your wanting to try something new and spicy with an earthy twist!


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