Easy But Delish Pizza

This is really just a cheese pizza, but hey, I think it’s delish…

You will need…

Olive oil
Yeast (we use pizza yeast)

Mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese
Red Pepper
Greek Seasoning
Sauce (homemade is the best, but we’ll use pasta sauce for convenience)

Make the crust. If you don’t have the yeast with the instructions, I think it’s 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 teaspoons olive oil, 2/3 cup water, yeast, shake of salt, 1 3/4 cup flour. I always end up adding more flour.

Make the pizza. The end. Just kidding, but really, you guys know how to make pizza!

Throw some sauce on there, enough to cover the bottom crust. Don’t use too much, since your making your own dough, it may get soggy.

Toss the spices on ( I usually do my spices before and after the cheese layer for double the flavor)

Sprinkle the cheese to your liking, and mix it around. (Spinach is good on top too, yum!)

More spices.


Pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Really, the time always varies, so just keep an eye on it. Also, when you check on it, check the bottom because sometimes you think oh this can cook longer but the underside is burning. So keep an eye out!



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