Monday Morning Thoughts

zzzzzzz- wha? Not sure why I always use a picture of a man sleeping; for the record I am a woman.

It’s a bit late for Monday Morning thoughts…ah well.

This week has been busy; finals are coming and that means lots of pointless work to be busied with. Sorry for the storage of posts:(

I have no recipes to share today, the weekend was not one of mass cooking. I remade my sugar free oatmeal cookies for my gran gran. This time I used way more lemon, sugar, vanilla. Everything. Just goes to show you can never make the same thing twice.

Today I have discovered the Seaside Baker’s blog. Everything on there looks delicious (I need to find a new word..), but these caught my eye. Cupcakes in a Jar?! How darling!

This cheesecake looks mouthwatering, even though I’m not a big chocolate cheesecake fan. Dulce De Leche, drool…

Chai Snicker doodles?!

Anyway, like I said, EVERYTHING looks soooooooo good.

That’s about it for now. Sorry to be short, but I have more work to do. Sigh, more posts soon!



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