Starbucks and Salsa!

Weekend is finally here!  Woo!

That means baking and foods, hopefully, haha.

I got an iced caramel macchiato this morning from Starbucks (I had an old gift card; that stuff is expensive!), and it was so good. So of course, I Googled recipes to make one myself that won’t cost me like FIVE DOLLARS. I found this recipe! Yum! Not only does the author, everydayisgourmet, offer the recipe, but she always tell you quick ways to brew up this delicious drink if you are in a hurry! Awesome:) Can’t wait to try it out.

Today on this rainy day, Alex and I are going to whip up some Salsa to go with out Fajitas, so look for that recipe tonight!

One more thing to share, I went to Jason’s Deli yesterday after Alex begged me to. I’m not really a sandwich person, I don’t know why. So we went and to my surprise, it was so yummy! I got the Ranchero Wrap which is a spicy chicken wrap. It came with chips and salsa. It was really really good, haha. Normally I don’t end up reordering the item I got on first visit, but this would be an exception! Yum! Alex got a Big Papa (?). Not sure what all was on it. It was more Italian with some marinara sauce and white cheese.

Anyway, I would recommend this place. They have a large menu, a salad bar, and…drumroll…an ice cream machine! What more could you want?

That’s all for now!



4 thoughts on “Starbucks and Salsa!

  1. … thank you for this recipe! My dilemma is that there IS no Starbucks where I live (nearest one is 2.5 hours north of here) so I’m actually desperate enough/willing to shell out that 5 bucks when I do get there. What a nice little substitute this will be, though!

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