Almond Milk

Yesterday, I was at target, and I saw Almond Milk. Obviously, I’d seen it before, but it was on sale, and Alex is a big milk-man (pun, haha) so we decided to try it.

This is delicious! I didn’t expect it to be so good! It really does taste just like almonds, and the vanilla add on gives it a sugary, creamy taste. I’ve tried coconut milk before, and wasn’t a big fan. to me it tasted like milk with added water. Blah.

While skim milk beats almond milk in a few (like three) categories, almond milk wins in my mind. It has way more vitamins, and some that skim milk doesn’t even have. And the taste is amazing! I’m not really a huge milk drinker because it’s so…blah, but this is a great alternative and I am actually going to by more today, because we may or may not have drank half of it on the way home… 🙂

Just my thoughts, what are yours?


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