Six Ways to Be Social.

So, as some of you may know, I am a shy ass motherfucker. (Too much?) As an introvert, here are some tips to make yourself become a wee bit more social.

1. Bring food.
Everyone likes the person who brings delicious snacks to stuff their face with. Really though, it gives you an opening. What is this? How’d you make it? Can I have the recipe? Have you been cooking long? I made something like this once…

2. Dress crazy.
If not crazy, wear an interesting shirt that makes people wonder. When I wear a “the Used” band t-shirt, everyone always asks. Is that a band? Are you used? Wtf? At least it’s a conversation starter and you can start talking about musical tastes.

3. Odd ringtones.
When your phone goes off, everyone looks anyway. Give them something to gawk about. An interesting song, a weird chime, a silly phrase.

4. Get insanely drunk.
Or not. But maybe (my ‘y’  key just popped off and of course, now I can’t get it back on. greeeeeeat.) Honestly, getting a bit tipsy can help you relax and open up. Don’t get as drunk as me, though… I think I get a bit too outgoing sometimes and startle people. So be careful. Or don’t. Whatever.

5. Ask a bunch of questions you don’t give a crap about.
Probably should try to pretend though. Sometimes I try to ask questions about things that maybe I don’t really care about, but I can tell is important to my prey of social attack. Then I look for openings to swap subjects for something we both care about.

6. Premeditate your victims.
If you know something about the people you’re going to be around, you can prepare topics of discussion, and plan ahead on ways to throw them into convo. Maybe read up on some topics to sound intelligent…

Good luck, fellow anti-social human beings.


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