7 Annoying Ways to Tell When Boys are Flirting With You

Ugh. Seriously, not to  sound full of it, but I get hit on all the damn time. When I’m having a bad day and feeling crappy, I guess it helps to boost my confidence, but most of the time, it just gets old. Guess I should appreciate it before I get old, haha!

Here are some ways to tell when the male species is trying to jump your bones.

1. They constantly stare at you.

I hate this. Like do you think I can’t see you? I already hate when people just sit and watch me, but when I know I’m being molested via someone’s eyes, it’s just unsettling. Half of em don’t even try to hide it, thus having no dignity. This guy the other day was actively checking me out while I watched him. Uhh, excuse me? No.

2. They brag about crap they think you care about.

Boys, it’s okay that you don’t understand us ladies, but really, the crap that you think will impress us is just stupid. I don’t care that your car has a [enter car slag here], because I don’t know what that is. Nor do I really care. Sure, your car is fast and loud. I just don’t care how it got that way.

3. They tell you about their sex life way too much.

Do you think I want to hear about you banging a hooker last week? You think that’s impressive and cute? Gross. Us women are jealous creatures. We don’t want to hear about you getting laid and how bad/good it was and all the details. Why do you think that would lure us in? If anything you sound like a gross pig and your chance is going down the drain. We also don’t think it’s sweet when you compare us to your past girlfriends/ sexual escapade partners. Oh well, you’re way cuter than that hooker, anyway 😉 Uh, no.

4. They constantly ask you what you’re doing.

Not you.

5. They ask you the “classic questions”.

Where are you going to school? What are you majoring in? Do you have a boyfriend? What do you do for fun? While there are some guys who ask these questions who are actually interested, the majority of men who want to get in your pants use the standard questions. They don’t really care enough to come up with unique questions and they want you to think they care so you’ll think oh this boy is so sweet and cares, we should bone. That’s not how it works, guys.

6. They talk down other guys.

Jealous much? When they start talking down their best friend or someone they don’t even know, clearly they want the competition eliminated. Or if they get all nosy when you have a conversation with anyone else. What did you talk to him about? Oh, that’s stupid. Why did you even listen to that? If it’s a girl, they want to know if you were talking about them. Uh, yeah, how I can get you to get away from me…

7. They get all touchy feely.

Fortunately, I don’t really have this problem. But seriously.

That being said, if you’re just looking for sex, maybe these are good signs 😛

Good luck!


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