Just a nothingness personal post. Haven’t I been doing good with trying to get away from just food blogging? 🙂 Yay. By the way, my ‘y’ key has been fixed by a very patient friend! Probably all the dog hair stuck under my keys wasn’t helping…gross…now my ‘a’ key is sticking. Not gonna pop anymore keys off.

Hopefully somethings to look forward to in the next couple days:

Thursday: Comedy club and Hu Hot date with my best girl friend ❤

Friday: I got invited to a get together with some friends. Yesssss, yay for being social.

Saturday: No plans, but c’mon it’s a Saturday.

Sunday: Again, nothing, but usually a friend of mine does car shows, so maybe I’ll convince him to let me go with.

I did make some cupcakes today, but I’ll do another post for those. I pawned some off on friends. I didn’t know it would make so many!

On an unrelated note, it has been SOOOOOOOOOOO hot lately, I’m going to have a heat stroke. Ttoday? 103. Tomorrow? 106. It’s been 22 days with temperatures above 90!

Ugh, just spent $90 on renewing my plates. $36 for safety and inspection, not to mention the 30 minute waste of my life sitting in those tiny waiting rooms awkwardly with a bunch of other suckers. And every time they open the door, you think, yes, my car is done! But it never is. Then the waiting like in the DMV moves slower than hell. All this so I can put a sticker on my license plate that has a number 14 on it. Really? Felt like I could have drawn that on with a marker and not wasted ninety bucks and half my day. 

Got some other personal crap going on that’s bumming me out a lot. Trying not to think about it and stay busy, but it’s hard. Sigh. I hope things turn out a bit better than the current.

My phone has been blowing up lately, so much that I need to carry my charger around. Who knew I even knew enough people for my phone to die?

Well, I’m going to go post about cupcakes.


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