Why I love my Windows Phone, why I hate it and why Im considering the Iphone switch.

That too long of a title? Oh well.

So as you read, I currently have a LG Quantum (Windows Phone) and am thinking about making the iPhone 4s switch. (My fingers don’t want to work this morning. So far, I have capitalized everything, hahaha).

The biggest dilemma for me is getting rid of my physical keyboard. So, if anyone else has this dilemma, which I doubt you do, here are my thoughts.

Why I love my Windows Phone:

1. It’s unique. This may sound corny, but I like being unique and in a world of cliches, it’s hard to do so. I only know one other person with a Windows Phone.

2. It’s interface is pretty customizable. You can arrange/delete/add the tiles however you want. I like the locked screen, how your picture of choice is clear with no text over it, except the time and date at the very bottom.

3.  Physical keyboard. Ive been trying to do all touch texting, so if I switch to iPhone, I’ll be ready. But honestly, it’s a pain. Are you iPhone users never in a hurry? Or driving? Or walking?  If I’m doing any of those, BAM, I flip out my physical keyboard and type away without looking.

4. Little things. I like how the screen bounces when you have calls. I like the calendar layout. I like the messaging icon. It’s a freaking smiley face! When it doesn’t send, its a frown. And when you get more that 3 texts its a o: face! How cute!

Why I hate my Windows Phone:

1. Apps aren’t that great. Yeah, I didn’t expect the best of the best but most of them are consumer made and bad.

2. These ones may be my problem, but my phone shuts down sometimes when I shut it. It plays tricks on my messages. When I send a text and lock it/shut it, sometimes I’ll  be sitting there why didn’t [enter generic name] text me back? So I look at the conversation and it’s erased all my messages from today. Now Ive moved back in time to yesterday and don’t know if whoever I was texting even received my message. Now the problem comes. Do I resend them my message, guessing on how exactly I wrote it, and pretend my phone sent it twice if they got the first one? Do I text them and say hey my phone fucked up, did you get that? And risk sounding annoying and clingy? Or just wait to see if they reply. Choices, choices…

3. Facebook. I dont know if this is also something I’ve done, but oh well. I get Facebook through my phone, it’s an app and through the internet explorer. At times, none of them work. That’s three different things! Facebook on the internet is for “mobile” and it never loads. The Facebook app sends me notifications for stuff that happened last week. And Facebook through my phone is set up odd, and sucks at notifications.

4. I can’t talk into the phone, cause no one can hear me. Guess it just broke?

5. Battery blows. It was pretty good at the beginning, but now (after less than a year) I have to charge it once more after I’ve charged it that night.

Why I think I’m going for the iPhone:

1. I wanna be like everyone else. Just kidding:) iPhone is advancing. Windows isn’t. While it’ll be hard to keep up, I dont need to update everytime Apple comes up with a new iPhone, but I can do so every couple iPhones. Did that make sense? Like when I get the 4s, I probably won’t dump it as soon as 5 comes out, but maybe at 5s or 6 or whatever is next I may update.

2. Honestly, all these iPhone users have to be on to something. I’ve played with the phone and I like it, but it makes me feel better that everyone else likes it too. I feel like if there was something really crappy about it, I would have heard by now.

3. It does so much more than my phone.

4. Apps, apps, apps. I’m not an app freak but stuff like Google maps. I’m planning on moving to Chicago. I will need a dependable Google maps app for getting around. My maps right now don’t have public transportation and are iffy at times. Also, I like to play games when I’m waiting or blowing time. Right now I play Solitaire. You read that, right? I play SOLITAIRE in my free time. What am I, 90 years old?! I’d like some games that are stupid and for a 19 year old girl.

In the end, I will miss my Windows Phone and I’m not sure I want to part with it yet. But now that I can’t make calls, it’s make or break time. Any thoughts, fellow Window Phoners? Or iPhoners?



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