Six reasons I hate women.

Now someone once told me all these things are a huge over exaggeration and are not entirely true of all women.


1.  They’re dirty.

Honestly. Women are just ugh.

2. They’re whores.

Most of em are just gold diggin’ bitches. I see them prowling around some poor boy that they don’t want to get free drinks and free shit. That idiot boy doesn’t know any better. Or they just flirt with men, fuck em, and leave. I guess if that’s your priority…but really, it just makes us all look bad.

3. They look….gah.

Even as I type this, the look on my face is probably priceless. Kind of like this:

Anyway. Like Christ, these bitches wear enough makeup that they may actually be men and no one would even notice. Do you know what kind of make up I wear? Mascara, and eyeshadow that is one shade brighter than my skin tone. That’s usually about it. I don’t wear red lipstick, raccoon eyes, and enough blush to look oddly colored. Don’t even get me started on their fake orange tans. God. And what the fuck do they wear?! Stiletto heels, mini skirts, half shirts. Maybe it’s just me, but could you be more trashy? Heels usually go well with a nice dress. Skirts with a shirt that covers all of your jugs. And no one should ever wear half a shirt. And they’re all clones with the hair. It’s always straightened to a tee, and in a half,  pinned up up-do. Real original. Oh and stop showing everyone your adorable tramp stamp.

Also, why do nasty bitches walk around pushing their guts out?! Cute beer gut. That shit is gross. Do you know how hard I work to not have a gut?  What is happening to the world?

4. They’re dumb.

I don’t know when dumb became attractive, but what the hell. These girls are so dumb. I hear their conversations and think I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I heard this girl the other day ask a guy how he was adjusting to the time change from Chicago [to STL]. Uhhhh. There isn’t one, bitch.

5. They make me mad.

I guess it really isn’t them that makes me mad. Just society as a whole. As a girl who doesn’t really try too hard, doesn’t try to look slutty all the time and is fairly intelligent, it’s infuriating that these bitches get men left and right. I’m not going to stoop to that level to pick up men, because men who want that aren’t the ones I want to attract. But that doesn’t mean when I’m out and about I don’t feel self conscious or ugly because men walk right past me looking at a dirty whore. HELLO MEN, is that really what you want?! She’s probably crawling with STDs, getting money from daddy and has already slept with your best friend. Move on.

6. They are annoying!

Always yelling and shrieking about this and that. Shut up already. It’s clearly all for attention anyway. They’re loud and obnoxious and attention whores.

That being said, I have like one and a half women friends. I’m sure there are a few good ones out there, but being a college student, they are damn hard to find.


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