Just plain odd occurances..

Okay, so normally I wouldn’t even take the time to blog about how strange something is, since apparently weird things just happen to me and no one else. But I’m going to anyway.

So, I live with my mother. Who is like in her mid fifties.

For the past couple weeks, this like 25 year old man has been knocking at my door, right? Do you know what he wants? My mother.

Umhhh, say what? Yes, this man is looking for my mother who is probably at least 20 years older than him. Is he like a male cougar? What the hell is going on?

He just stopped by, shirtless, may I add, and looked quite disappointed that I answered the door. Not to sound vain, but me and this man are probably like six years apart, and I’m not completely revolting. Yet he wants nothing to do with me. He just wants my mother.Ā What?!

I should have asked why. So, what do you want with my mother, cause this is fucking weird…

Anyway. Enjoy your day after I put images of male cougars in your head.



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