Six reasons why I hate driving.

Okay, so seriously, everyone hates driving.

I can, and will, tell you why I hate it, but I’m sure it’s like beating it into your head. These are the reasons why everyone hates driving. Hopefully it’s somewhat entertaining enough to make you chuckle at least once. Maybe a smile? Whatever.
1. Bitches

As you may have already figured out, I pretty much hate almost all women. But stupid teenagers and early twenties women driving? Ugh.  Whenever little sixteen year old whores almost run into me, and then giggle about it like it’s all a fucking joke? Oh yeah hahahaha, fucking laugh it up. Keep on laughing while you’re raining money on me for ramming your bitch ass into my car. Ha-fucking-ha-ha-ha.

And get off your phone. Seriously, text whenever you want, call whenever you want, if it doesn’t affect your driving. If it does, kill yourself.

2.  Slow drivers.

My god people, speed the fuck up! I always get stuck behind that person going 20 in a forty five. Yeah, I see that double line, but I’m going to pass you anyway, cause I’m not planning on getting old in this car. And I’m like up your ass and you still haven’t gotten the hint to speed up? I won’t ride someone if they’re going the speed limit, but twenty below is a little much.

3. Cluster fucks

Why the hell do people feel the need to all go the same speed? When I’m on the highway, not everyone across all five lanes should be going the exact same speed! That’s why there’s a fast and a slow lane. Then you’re stuck all boxed in, getting all claustrophobic and you can’t get out to speed up and get away. Ughhhh.

4. Eighteen wheelers.

Those things are terrifying. I never know if they can see me, or if all of a sudden, they’re gonna cut in front of me and hit me. The worst is being in between two of them? Gah. I’d rather watch a horror movie.

Which I hate.

5. Music

Radio? Nothing. Sick of my CD. Then I gotta flip through my Zune and find a good song, which takes forever cause I should be concentrating on driving. Yeah, it’s my fault, but I’m sure everyone has that problem. I could just make a playlist or something. But then I get sick of those songs and the cycle begins again.

6. AC/Heat

For those of you with newer cars, suck it. My 98 Chevy Cavalier is a pain when it comes to using any sort of air temperature control. The AC makes it run slow and the engine heat up. The heat smells bad at first and is stale heat. And my dial that changes the amount of air coming out is broken, so it’s either barely anything or full fucking blast. So you gotta turn it off and on, while changing the music, dealing with slow drivers, eighteen wheelers and bitches on the phone.

I’m sure I have a thousand more but I won’t bore you to tears. What are some more delightful reasons you hate driving?



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