Gah, life.

Well hello.

I’m sure that everyone is just dying to know what Ive been up to lately. Not.

I’ll tell ya anyway.

I found this delightful book and laughed for hours.

Then found Shit White People Like (or maybe it was stuff) and laughed. Then I found Fuck, I’m Twenty and it basically described my life.

Went to the Apple Store and contemplated when the iPhone 5 will come out so I can buy rich teen’s “old”  iPhone 4s.

Grew a ‘stache.

Fell in love ❤

Applied to graduate community college!

Broke an ATM, LOL

Kitten in a basket!!!!!!!! CUTE.

Went to a Cards game…

Honestly, I haven’t been up to much. Suffering through community college for 14 more weeks. Not like I’m counting or anything.

Looking into transferring. DePaul still hasn’t told me my financial aid info and I wish they would. If they pay me enough, I think that’s the deal! I’ve been looking into Chitown apartments and feeling giddy 😀 I’m about to move to a new town, out of my house, move in with my boyfriend and start a new school! Big steps. And I’m just a little scared..I hope I like Chicago as much as I think I will. I hope everything works out! I’m trying not to dwell, but I’m a plan aheader and I need to plan, worry, plan, worry!

Gonna visit some college friends down (up?) at Truman soon. And at Mizzou.

I’ve been trying to accumulate a sense of fashion before I move to a big city, but I’m becoming hopeless. Gah.

What’s up with you guys? 🙂


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