Gelato Galore!

Yummmm, I have been on a gelato kick lately. It is AWESOME.

Four egg yolks
One cup sugar
2 cups whole milk
Some sort of alcohol such as vodka or gin.

Easy right?

Throe the eggs and sugar in a sauce pan and mix together. Then add the milk and stir. Throw in some vanilla. Whenever it starts to thicken and creates a frothy substance on a spoon, it is done.

Depending on what kinda you want, add flavoring in 45 minutes, now or later. Very specific.
Chocolate chips? Later so it won’t melt.
Pumpkin? Now.
Coconut? Now and in 45 minutes!

Add a few teaspoons of alcohol and stir. This will keep your gelato soft.

Throw in the freezer for 45 minutes. Stir. 45 minutes. Stir. Hour and a half. Stir. Then leave it 🙂



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