What have I been up to?

So I know I’ve not been posting lately, so I figure I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.


Being in love 🙂

WP_20130208_007Buying cute stuff.

WP_20130207_016Watching the cat enjoy the fire. Haha, she just discovered what it is and that it’s warm.

WP_20130207_009Ate some good food!

WP_20130207_004Drank out of this 😀  WP_20130206_020 WP_20130206_019 WP_20130206_018 WP_20130206_017 WP_20130206_016 WP_20130206_015 WP_20130206_014 WP_20130206_011 WP_20130206_009 WP_20130206_008

WP_20130210_004 WP_20130210_003 WP_20130210_002 WP_20130210_001Been running by this beautiful lake.

WP_20130204_006Made some black bean brownies. Recipe found here!

WP_20130202_010Finally made a chalkboard menu! Sorry, I was too lazy to rotate it.

WP_20130124_006Made margarita pizza for the first time. Also, found here.

WP_20130122_009 WP_20130122_008 WP_20130122_007 WP_20130122_006 WP_20130122_004 WP_20130122_005WP_20130122_014 WP_20130122_013 WP_20130122_010 WP_20130122_012

Went to go to see my FAVORITE band, The Used. It was my second time seeing them, and this time it was at a much smaller venue. So amazing. Look at that beautiful man! 😉 Bert McCracken!

WP_20130122_003Alex just loved the concert. He hates crowds and loud “angry” music.

WP_20130120_004I went to Lone Elk Park, which is a wild life preserve for elk and buffalo.

WP_20121129_054 WP_20121129_037Went on a Cheesecake Factory date for my birthday 🙂



WP_20121130_002 WP_20121206_001Working, working, working. Appraisal Secretary right here.

WP_20121217_007Cute salt and pepper shakers! Adorable!

WP_20121229_001Got toooooooooons of gift cards for Christmas.

WP_20121220_007These silly doves stayed on our porch for a couple days.

WP_20121216_009Got a cute hat for my birthday 🙂

WP_20121219_002Made this wreath for a Christmas touch!

WP_20121228_002Bake, bake, bake!

WP_20121223_007 WP_20121229_003 WP_20130104_011 WP_20121229_019 WP_20130106_004Making lots of food! Links for truffles, ice cream, biscotti.

And cute pictures of the cat….cause, why not? She’s beautiful!

WP_20130112_001 WP_20130111_022 WP_20121229_009 WP_20121208_004 WP_20121203_017 WP_20121208_006 WP_20121123_020🙂

Long post, but as you can see I really haven’t been up to much. At least the kitty is adorable! ❤


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