Crown Candy

Nommm. For those not from the STL, Crown Candy is a “St. Louis Tradition Since 1913, serving malts and shakes, lunch or dinner with Soda Fountain and Candy”.  Or so says their website. Basically they’re known for their delicious malts. If you aren’t from STL and plan to visit, HEED THIS WARNING. This is in a baaaad part of town. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage you to visit anytime before six o’clock (and that’s playing it safe.) Just be aware and don’t go at night. Simple.

Anyway, Alex and I went there for Valentine’s Day and just wanted to share the experience! I haven’t been since I was a tot.

WP_20130214_008 Crown Candy has been kept the same since it was built. Making it so cute and fun! But also, not a lot of tables and the wait is long.

WP_20130214_004They have little authentic juke box players, along with other assorted oldies.

WP_20130214_006I got a Johnny Rabbit Special, which is a fresh banana malt with whipped cream, nuts and nutmeg. So amazing! As you can see, I got a shakeful and a whole tin-ful, so I was stuffed. That’s a good deal for $5!

WP_20130214_007And I sucked it all down! 🙂

WP_20130214_009The Arch can be seen from Crown Candy!

WP_20130214_022 WP_20130214_020 WP_20130214_018 WP_20130214_019 WP_20130214_017 WP_20130214_021 WP_20130214_016 WP_20130214_014 WP_20130214_011 WP_20130214_010

And afterward, we went to the Arch to stroll off the giant milkshakes. 🙂

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Have you been to Crown Candy?


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