V Day Surprises

Alex is impossible to buy for. As all men usually are. This Valentine’s Day I decided I would get him a bunch of different root beers to try and see which one he liked best, since he’s always looking for that perfect root beer. ImageImage

I got him seven different root beers and eight heart shaped containers. I figured he always wonders if the label biases his taste, so I kept their identities hidden. Since Dad’s root beer is his favorite to date, I filled two containers with that, to see if that was really what he liked. Sneaky sneaky.Image

After he tried them all I was so excited to see where both Dad’s landed. He put one in the best position and one in almost dead last! Haha! I couldn’t help but laugh. He even tried the second one and said “ugh, this is getting a low score.” Hahaha!

Anyway, if anyone is interested, Alex’s root beer list is as follows (worst to best):

1. Natural Brew
2. Shasta
3. Dad’s
4. Agave
5. Vess
6. Fizzy Izzy
7. A&W
8. Dad’s


I also got him these goofy chocolate cigars. So cheesy!


And I painted and added the “love” to this frame and threw our picture in. 🙂


Alex so sweetly made me chocolates (didn’t I say last post he wouldn’t buy chocolates?:)). Recipe found here.ImageAnd he bought me some roses, of course. ❤ Ain’t he sweet?

WP_20130215_006And of course, I got kitty some treats 🙂 Her favorite and great for hairballs, if that’s a problem with you kitty. Hahahaha. Not that this blog is about vomiting cats.

WP_20130215_003So happy.

I also thought I would throw in this song. It’s so sweet and lovey dovey. Even though V Day is over.

What did you give and get for Valentine’s Day? I’m always looking for good gift ideas! 🙂


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