Six Reasons Why I Hate Baking

Okay, so we all know I love baking, right? Everything that you love comes with an amount of hate.

1. Batter and frosting gets in my hair. Probably the thing I hate most, as it is number one. Yes, I have long hair, it’s far past my shoulders. But seriously, how does batter get in my bangs? I’m not taking the mixer out of the bowl while it’s running it and fucking swinging it around. And even when it’s in a bun, I manage to get it in the top of my head. How does that happen? I couldn’t do it if I tried.

2. I get it on my clothes. Yeah, I could wear an apron, but I’m not gay. (Sorry, if you’re an apron wearer…or an up-in-arms gay.) So I basically need to have a set of clothes specifically for baking.Ā  Sometimes I’ll wear a hoodie while baking and later I think it’s still clean and I don’t notice there’s a huge chunk of brown batter on it until I’m around people. So awkward.

3. That sugary mask in your mouth. Does anyone else get that? After you’re tasting your batter, cause seriously, how else do you know if it’s going to be good, and you have that film of sugar over your teeth and then you have this dry, gross feeling until your brush your teeth. So nasty.

4. Running out of counter space. I’m so jealous of anyone who doesn’t bake in an apartment, because I have very limited space. I’ll start baking in one spot of the kitchen, then start a project in another part, etc etc. Pretty soon I have no space, and the kitchen is a mess…and so am I.

5. Starting to bake and running out of an ingredient. Like I’ll start to bake the cake of the cupcakes, think I had a lot of butter, realize I don’t, and either have to substitute on the cake or the frosting. I should plan ahead, but sometimes things are just spur of the moment.

6. Not enough people to pawn good off on. Seriously, you’d think everyone would want FREE CUPCAKES, but it’s legitimately hard to find people. They are like “oh I’m on a diet, oh you gave me some last time, oh they’ll go to waste.” Oh-kay.

Obviously, if you have even looked at one post of mine, you know I love baking and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s my favorite hobby. I just thought I’d share those things that drive me crazy, cause I can’t be the only one.


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